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"The Laser Clinic has saved my life. I used to have very thick hair and now I barely even grow any hair. The results are amazing and I suggest this clinic to everyone. They do an amazing job a and it is totally worth the money."

Jefferson Columbia, MO

Posted: 6/19/14

"Bev and Doc have taken an embarrassing situation and have made it disappear! I wish everyone who has an unwanted hair issue would contact this fantastic couple. The results are fantastic and you will feel so much better! Thanks for making me so much more confident."

Jefferson City, MO

Posted: 3/1/13

"I had the V-Beam laser treatment for facial redness caused from mild rosacea and it worked wonderfully! I'm so happy with the result! Bev and Doc are lovely people and make you feel extremely comfortable. I highly recommend the Laser Clinic."

Columbia, MO

Posted: 1/3/13

"Bev is such an awesome lady!! She always goes out of her way to make me feel at ease and comfortable during my sessions. My results have been amazing! I've done my underarms, bikini and lower legs. Almost all the hair is gone and what's left is baby fine. I hardly ever have to shave at all anymore. I'd recommend Bev and The Laser Clinic to anyone!!!"

Ashland, MO

Posted: 11/8/12

"I am so happy I decided to commit to laser hair removal. I wasted so much money and time with continued trips to the waxing salon (and ouch was it painful!). Overall the cost of laser hair removal is so much less than spending $65 every six weeks for the rest of my life waxing. Laser is much less painful with a better result as well. Beverly is amazing to work with and so professional that you will never feel uncomfortable. I am so happy I decided to do this and wish I had done it sooner!"

Columbia, MO

Posted: 5/8/12

"Thank you so much Doc! My problem was with Rosacea. When you're young and think you're bullet-proof, you don't realize how much the sun, smoking and partying can affect your 40's. I turn 50 this year and now, thanks to The Laser Clinic, I look 30 again. Because of that, I even feel 30 again. There is no way I can even put a price on how I feel. Thank you so much, Doc, for everything you've done. I could write for hours and not say enough about Doc and Bev! Thank you so much!"

Jefferson City, MO

Posted: 4/25/12

"I'm on the tail end of my treatments and couldn't be happier! I could tell a big difference just after one treatment! Bev sure knows what she's talking about!"

Fulton, MO

Posted: 3/23/12

"Bev is very professional and makes me feel comfortable asking questions. I actually tried another place several years ago, and learned the hard way that it does matter where you go for laser hair removal. There is much less pain at The Laser Clinic! The results are great and the fees are reasonable, and I love going to see Bev!"

Fulton, MO

Posted: 3/9/12

"I have had a wonderful experience at The Laser Clinic with Bev and Dr. Nemer. Because it is physician-owned and operated I feel that I am in safe hands with the level of knowledge they have regarding laser use. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I have had phenomenal results! My daily routine has been significantly improved with a lot less time required to get ready. As a working mother of 2, every minute counts! Bev and Doc are wonderful to work with and make you feel very comfortable during the process. I'd recommend them to everyone!"


Posted: 3/5/12

"I started my laser treatments in 2011. I have absolutely NO negative things to say. I should have never waited so long to get started and urge anyone with questions or concerns to go in and speak with Bev. She is so helpful and informational. The procedure is so very minimally painful and the rewards are HUGE!!! My razor burn is gone, hair is going away with every treatment and I could not be any happier! I will not stop until I am hair free!"

Columbia, MO

Posted: 12/20/11

"Thanks, Bev, for such individualized and warm service! Since I am moving to Florida, and expect to spend much more time in a swimsuit, laser hair removal will greatly simplify my life. In only 3 sessions, all my leg hair is gone!!"


Posted: 12/6/11

"My first treatment was 11/16/2011 and I am so happy I went. I can already see a huge difference and it's been less than 24 hours since the treatment. I can't wait to get all of my other troublesome areas treated. Especially by Bev, she makes you feel so comfortable, there is no pain with the procedure, way less painful than waxing or dealing with those horrible after shaving irritated skin and ingrown hairs. I couldn't be happier that I chose to get laser hair removal."

Macon, MO

Posted: 11/23/11

"I have a gratitude list and on my list is Laser Hair Removal!! Seriously! I had to shave my chin EVERY DAY or else I would have many visible black hairs. No more razors, stubble or self-consciousness. All thanks to laser hair removal. YAY!!"

Columbia, MO

Posted: 8/10/11

"I had the most comfortable experience with Bev a few days ago. I'm telling you, I have to take 2 Xanax pills when I have an OB/GYN appointment and have nightmares the night before. Bev was so professional and super super nice that I didn't feel any discomfort at all. If you're a shy girl, don't worry about it. I am more comfortable with Bev than I am with my mom! Seriously!"

Columbia, MO

Posted: 6/29/11

"I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!! I can not say enough good....no GREAT things about this place! Bev was so helpful and knew her stuff! I feel like I got the real deal! The pain was so incredibly much less than I expected....almost none at all! I am AMAZED!!!!! Go in for a consultation NOW!!!!!!"


Posted: 4/13/11

"Bev is very honest and helpful. I wasn't a candidate due to my hair color. She tried a few different lasers and was honest that I wouldn't see good results and that she wouldn't do it. Lots of places would've just taken my money and kept me coming back forever. I highly recommend getting a free consultation here before going anywhere for laser hair removal in this town."

Columbia, MO

Posted: 4/6/11

"I have had great results with The Laser Clinic. After many years of waxing and trying other forms of hair removal, I have found The Laser Clinic to be the most effective and least painful! Bev has been great to work with. I would highly recommend giving them a call!"

Posted: 3/1/11

"I've been going to the laser clinic for several years for facial hair laser treatments and, I have to say, the people there are the most professional and friendly of any business I have been to in Columbia. Before going to the laser clinic I had spent over $4,000 on electrolysis, with hardly any results at all. Now that I have gone to the laser clinic, my facial hair is practically gone. Thanks to the experience and friendly atmosphere, I was able to keep up the treatments and get where I am today. I give them 5 stars! I tell everyone about the laser clinic. Bev is wonderful and her husband is very professional. I can't say enough good things about them."

Posted: 4/17/10

"The Laser Clinic is wonderful. Private, comfortable and effective! I have had laser hair and vein removal and couldn't be happier with the results. Doc and Bev are very knowledgeable, but importantly, make you feel at ease with their warmth and professionalism."

Posted: 3/1/10

"I have been having treatments at the laser clinic for my veins with the best results I have had compared to anywhere else. Over the past 20 plus years I have been from one physician to the other trying to get my varicose and spider veins treated with good results. Recently, I started seeing Doc at the laser clinic and I have been so pleased. He is knowledgeable, thorough and very conscientious. I know he truly cares. He and Bev take their jobs seriously and are professional. They would never put any patient at risk and they are honest. DR. NEMER IS A REAL PHYSICIAN! If someone is going to leave a review, they need to know the facts and be truthful! I highly recommend Doc and Bev at the laser clinic."

Posted: 2/16/10

"I have been dealing with facial hair since I was 18. I have been to two different places in St. Louis, one was a dermatologist's office and another was a general practitioner. The quality of care that I have received at the Laser Clinic far exceeds any that I had received in either facility in St. Louis. Bev explained to me the process of laser hair removal and what I could expect from the procedure. The level of comfort that Bev always provides me with has been unmatched from any client-patient relationship I have ever experienced. Hair removal is such a personal and embarrassing issue, comfort level is very important. I highly recommend the Laser Clinic to everyone."

Posted: 2/16/10

"I have gone to The Laser Clinic for several procedures and have always been most pleased with the results and the service. Bev is always a delight, welcoming and warm, yet professional and efficient. Pricing is fair and clearly stated. Highly recommended!"

Posted: 2/10/10

"I have had great results with the Laser Clinic. Bev is kind and professional. I have been very pleased with the results. The cost for services was less than other places that I checked, so it is also a good value. I would not hesitate to recommend Bev or The Laser Clinic to anyone."

Posted: 2/1/10

"Doc and Bev are two of the most kind, caring individuals I have ever met and they operate their business, not only with a high level of professionalism, but a strong sense of integrity and customer service. I have had wonderful results from the services they have provided for me and this has had a huge effect on my self-esteem. I would highly recommend them to anyone. A word to the wise: be wary of any laser service promising a "lifetime guarantee". Anyone who knows the basics of hair removal understands that hair regrowth depends on numerous factors, including hormones and hair cycles. While some people may only need one or two treatments, other people need many more. There is no way anyone can provide a lifetime guarantee that hair will never grow back. Get educated and choose wisely!"

Posted: 1/29/10

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